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Notable Figures from Redditch Posted On 21 January 2022


Do you know who heralds from your area?


Have you ever wandered past a street sign or the name of a building and wondered where the unusual name heralds from? Or perhaps there’s that one individual who has achieved fame that is always referenced when your hometown crops up in conversation? Knowing a little about the notable figures who come from your area not only gives you a little pub trivia knowledge and information about your town but can also leave you feeling more connected to the place you call home. Read on to discover more about the notable characters who have a connection with Redditch.


John Henry "Bonzo" Bonham (31st May 1948 – 25th September 1980) 

This one will be no surprise to music lovers, Bonzo was born in Redditch in 1948 and achieved fame by drumming in the legendary band – Led Zeppelin. Bonzo began his journey into the world of drums at the tender age of 5 and owned his first full drum set by age 15.


Harry Edward Styles (born 1st February 1994) 

Another musician born in Redditch, Styles, perhaps has a slightly different fanbase than Bonzo. Styles achieved recognition through the tv series ‘The X Factor’ in 2010. He was eliminated early in the show but was brought back to join the band One Direction. The band have since disbanded, and Styles has gone on to prove his music credentials and achieved recognition as a solo artist. He also famously dated the late Caroline Flack.


Archer Windsor-Clive (6th November 1890 – 25th August 1914) 

Proving that Redditch produces more than just musicians, Archer Windsor-Clive flexed his sporting muscles and was regarded as a first-class cricketer. He was the first English first-class cricketer to lose his life in the war. He served in the First World War with the Coldstream Guards and was killed in action on 25th August 1914.

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